Diabetic Neuropathies

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What Are Diabetic Neuropathy?

neuropath treatment centerPeople with diabetes will probably develop some type of nerve damage to their body which are grouped into a family of nerve disorders called diabetic neuropathy. NSI Integrative Wellness treats patients all over Florida that suffer from all types of neuropathy, but the diabetic neuropathies are most common.

The interesting fact is that even some people with nerve damage will not have the symptoms of neuropathy which are pain and tingling in the limbs, especially in the feet. Many others suffer the agonizing and dull tingling or numbness which can lead to loss of feeling in the hands, arms, legs, and feet. It is also a fact that you may experience nerve problems in many other parts of your body like your organs.

Nerve Problems Might Include:
• Digestive Tract
• Heart
• Sex organs

In summary, there is about a 67% chance you will have some form of neuropathy if you have been diagnosed with neuropathy. Our doctors at NSI Integrative Wellness will give you a full evaluation and consultation when you arrive to assess your risks for diabetic neuropathy. It is known that this type of nerve damage increases with age as well as the length a person has diabetes. If you have had diabetes for more than 27 years, then the risk of having neuropathy symptoms greatly increases. You may experience diabetic neuropathies if you are having issues leveling blood sugar and blood glucose in your system as well as high levels of blood fat and blood pressure. Finally, if you are overweight, you are also at risk of experiencing diabetic neuropathies.

What are the causes of diabetic neuropathies?

diabetic-nerve-painThere are many causes for diabetic neuropathy, but those who have a prolonged exposure to high blood glucose are more exposed to nerve pain and indefinite nerve damage. Some of these symptoms can be difficult to reverse if left untreated. It is important to recognize your risks as well as the symptoms to look out for as you age.






Severe nerve damage is likely to occur if you are experiencing the following:

• Heavy Smoking & Alcohol Abuse
• Mechanical Injury To nerves Through Wear And Tear / Overuse On Computer / Carpel Tunnel
• Hereditary Traits – Nerve Disease Common In Family
• Neurovascular – Can Cause Damage To Blood Vessels That Carry The Oxygen To Your Nerve Endings
• Autoimmune Disorders That Cause Inflammation In Your Nervous System

Symptoms Diabetic Neuropathies

You probably already know about the pain and tingling in your feet caused by neuropathy, but experiencing pain isn’t always the case for some people. Many people with diabetic neuropathy experience no sensation at all, but suffer from other symptoms associated with the disease. Many of these symptoms of diabetic neuropathy may come on slow at first, but can escalate over the years as they can go unnoticed for quite some time. The symptoms of diabetic neuropathies involve 4 systems. They are:

1. Sensory
2. Autonomic
3. Involuntary
4. Motor
5. Nervous

If you suffer from nerve damage, you may experience some or all of these neuropathy symptoms:

• Numbness or tingling in feet
• Atrophy of muscles in feet and hands
• Nausea / Headaches/ Vomiting
• Urinary tract problems
• ED in Men
• Overall tiredness and weakness
• Dizzy spells due to low blood pressure

List of Type of Diabetic Neuropathy

diabetic neuropathy floridaPeripheral Neuropathy – This is the most common type of neuropathy and typically causes pain and tingling in your feet and hands.
Autonomic Neuropathy – this affects your bodily functions such as your digestion, bowel movements, sexual function, and perspiration. The autonomic type of neuropathy has been known to affect your heart because it affects the nerves that serve the heart which control blood pressure. This can also be true for the eyes and the lungs.
Proximal Neuropathy- General weakness in the legs. Pain in hips, thighs, and buttocks.
Focal Neuropathy- Sudden weakness in any one nerve or group of nerves.

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