What Makes Us Different For Neuropathy Treatment In Florida

personalized neuropathy care

The first day you walk in, you will notice a difference in our neuropathy doctors because of their unique approach.

Our doctors at NSI Stem Cell specialize not only in neuropathy treatment in Florida, but also functional medicine, diabetes, thyroid, fitness, and overall well being. We have extensive training in homeopathy, integrative medicine, endocrinology, chiropractic, gastroenterology, weight loss, physical therapy, educational and nutritional counseling.

The providers at our facility include: doctors, functional medicine practitioners and nurse practitioners. We have training in homeopathy, integrative medicine, functional medicine, endocrinology, gastroenterology, chiropractic, physical therapy, weight loss, educational and nutritional counseling, and more.

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Personalized care is something we take to heart so that every single time you visit this neuropathy center in Florida, you will feel as if you are at home. Our mentoring support and coaching towards the 5 pillars of optimized wellness will enable you to commit fully to your individual neuropathy program at its fullest. A doctor or specialist will be at your side the entire time of your treatment.

Our team of doctors and providers are offering the finest comprehensive care in the United States, not only to improve your neuropathy condition, but also to help your overall health and general well being. This all starts with the proper testing and diagnostics to understand fully how your body is functioning. We have 3 Steps To Success for our neuropathy treatment in Florida.

It is our understanding that in order to heal your body from neuropathy and reverse its affects, we need to perform the following tests first:

  1. Standard Blood Panels
  2. Saliva Testing
  3. Stool Testing
  4. Urine Testing
  5. “Gut” Testing
  6. Fitness Testing
  7. Diet Analysis

All of the tests mentioned above are then analyzed and compared to standardized levels, functional medicine research guideline levels, and integrative medicine levels.


3 Ways NSI Is Better

NSI is always looking for the underlying causes of your condition, not just treating the symptoms. Unfortunately, most traditional doctors are trained to diagnose and treat neuropathy symptoms such as foot pain, foot numbness, headaches, and more. Typically this involves prescribing medication which rarely fixes the problem for 2 reasons:

  1. Overlooking the ROOT CAUSE of the neuropathy condition
  2. The medications often leave patients feeling worse due to unwanted side effects. The only way to effectively achieve the results that you’re looking for is to alleviate the underlying causes, which will in turn eliminate symptoms.

We customize and personalize your care. Neuropathy conditions can be complicated and there is no “magic pill” that cures all when it comes to your pain and numbness. Every patient is different and unique and your practitioner should treat you as such. A “one size fits all” approach to treatment will rarely achieve the results that you are looking for.

We use comprehensive testing to diagnose your condition. If your doctor is only testing certain standard tests to diagnose your neuropathy condition, you may want to consider another option for care. There are about 6-7 different markers we look at before recommending any type of neuropathy treatment.


5 Pillars of Optimized Wellness

Our team of doctors and practitioners at NSI Integrative 5 pillars to wellnessWellness, base all of our care and treatment on the 5 Pillars of Optimized Wellness. We use these principles to educate our patients about their neuropathy conditions. These Pillars are:
  1. Neutralize Stressors
  2. Nutrition
  3. Fitness
  4. Social Connectivity
  5. Spirituality

When you put the principles of the 5 pillars together, you have a powerful system for optimal wellness and you as a person can live a fuller, functional, and better life.

Contact us today at (727) 483-5727 today to schedule your free consultation and get solutions to your neuropathy problems and symptoms.