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Why Is Our Approach More Effective?

neuropathy treatment center FloridaThe standard medical treatment for neuropathy includes prescription medication, compressive stockings, or surgery. 99 percent of all doctors use this method. The reality is that they simply don't know a better way to treat this debilitating problem.

Did you know that some medications can even cause neuropathy? Did you know that a lot of medications INCREASE INFLAMMATION, which leads to worsening neuropathy symptoms?

When neuropathy patients find themselves in this vicious circle of having to rely on pain pills, they lose hope that their symptoms will ever go away. Neuropathy symptoms can last for years which can cause both physical and psychological damage.

When patients are left with no hope, they call NSI Stem Cell to stop the pain. Our centers excel in treating these patients by increasing the overall function of the body and promoting self-healing. Believe it or not, your body was designed to heal itself.

Our proprietary neuropathy treatment protocol attacks all the underlying problems within the first week of seeing our doctors. The reason we are so effective is because we address the TOP 8 KEYS TO DEFEATING NEUROPATHY. Our team of providers offers comprehensive care with a customized approach to EACH INDIVIDUAL that will help to improve your overall health.

We have a free download called “The Patient’s Guide To Defeating Neuropathy” that goes into detail about how our proprietary neuropathy treatment system includes those 8 effective steps.

It is available to download free of charge. To download your free copy simply click the button above to take the first step in defeating neuropathy.